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“Understanding more – forming your own opinion” – we take this promise seriously. That’s why Polit.Talk PFEIFFER FRAGT doesn’t take place in greenscreen studios or far away places – we love to be in touch with you on location. Everywhere in Germany, between Saarbrücken and Kiel, from Chemnitz to Hamburg – and also from Berlin to Brussels. Talking politics in “close-up” – perspective and very personal. As close to you as possible – as far away as necessary.

PFEIFFER FRAGT – The Hybrid Talk

Being in touch personally on the panel and in the halls and places, we´re broadcasting from, is even in 2022 still sometimes challenging for us and our guests. The character of our panels and the topics we discuss with our guests, however, remains as clear and simple as in analogue times. We´re streaming the Talk live nation- and EU-wide together with many network-partners. The added value thanks to the streaming-signal of the hybrid show: it makes the chances for a personal and direct exchange even bigger: Because after the talk is before the chat. You´re posting your questions to our editors during the show, using our Chat-tool – and we get your question directly to the panelists. Get in touch with us.

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Future pact instead of job loss: Will hydrogen save our economy?

The estimates sound optimistic again: The International Monetary Fund IMF sees growth of 4.4 percent for the eurozone despite the corona pandemic – for Germany, the experts believe growth of 3.6 percent is possible. One of the main reasons for these cautiously optimistic assessments are the investment programmes, especially in the USA and Europe.

In order to curb the feared economic clear-up caused by the pandemic, the EU Commission and its member states have unpacked the largest financial bazookas since the global economic crisis of 2009: the EU Commission mobilises EUR 3.4 trillion incl. of all programmes already adopted, more than EUR 170 billion. the German Federal Government as a national investment program in the Berlin GroKo jointly adopted.

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The digital wire: To the chat afterwards

The talk on the panel is over and you’ve just become really curious? Would you like to know more about the one or the other detail from our guests? Or do you prefer to share your expertise on the topic with all of us ? No problem, at PFEIFFER FRAGT after the talk is before the chat! The whole panel will be there for your remarks and questions – another 30 minute-session with Q´s and A´s. And after that, you should be able to form your own opinion even better. That’s why we´re here for.