Tw. In. Li. Xi. Yo.


Political moderator with substance and passion

In the meantime, moderation has become a little bit similar to soccer: Everybody thinks, he or she can do it. Even if this is sometimes just result of the understandable approach to save money: But is this the right message for your professional target groups – and even more important: What does it tell your stakeholders about the relevance of your communication goals and the seriousness of your messages?
Communicating messages properly and building bridges to your stakeholders isn´t as easy as that: The top level of moderation as Master of Ceremonies is conducting elegant and spontaneously looking conversations – instead of ticking off pre-written lists of questions and scripted dialogues. As a multilingual political interviewer with a detailed in-depth knowledge of the matter AND of the guest, it´s an exchange on eye-level, so that the interview-partners can shine. It takes more than just a microphone, shiny lecturn and a pair of loudspeakers on stage!
Sophisticated political presenters conduct their conversations with substance, passion, sensitivity and improvisation, garnished with a pinch of humor and subtle character: This is the way to touch the hearts of your audience, building bridges to your target groups and puts the message in the center. Don´t be satisfied with less.

Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure – Digital Expert Conference:
Master of Ceremonies, English

How does the infrastructure of the future for battery and hydrogen electric vehicles have to look like in the EU? What conditions do consumers need from Sicily to the North Cape in order to be able to charge their electricity simply, safely and at a transparent price at the charging stations? And what kind of framework does the European Commission have to provide for a successful ramp-up? Jürgen Pfeiffer discussed these questions during a full-day European expert conference organised by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure within the framework of the European Council Presidency.
The line-up of this international event was long and prominent: The Director General of the Brussels Directorate-General for Transport, Henrik Hololei, gave his speech as well as the Deputy Director-General of the European Transport Agency or the Chairman of the SD Group in the Brussels European Parliament, Ismail Ertug. Attending on invitation-only were some 500 representatives from Belarus to Israel and of numerous European member states, industrial associations and the CEOs. The event was streamed live via Webex.


German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association – Parliamentary evening, Berlin
Master of Ceremonies

What role does “green hydrogen” from renewable energies play in the success of the energy transition? What does the Federal Government’s hydrogen strategy have to look like in order for this new energy sector to be successful on an industrial scale? And can all sectors such as transport, industry, heat and electricity be included? These were the cutting-edge questions that Jürgen Pfeiffer had prepared for his guests from politics and business at the Parliamentary Evening of the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association DWV. The high-level-panel included the Chairman of the Board of Management of the DWV, Werner Diwald, the Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics, Thomas Bareiß, the energy policy spokesman of the SPD parliamentary group, Johann Saathoff, and Jörg Starr, Chairman of the Clean Energy Partnership.

VNG AG – Advisory Board Meeting, Hamburg
Master of Ceremonies

“Energy transition on the high seas” and “30 years of peaceful revolution”. These were the two poles in terms of content between which Jürgen Pfeiffer moved his moderations in the context of the advisory board meeting of the Leipziger VNG AG. But it was not only the panel discussion on the challenges facing energy suppliers such as the maritime economy that was very dense and differentiated: In the course of the event, the invited guests also dived deeply into their own memories of the reunification of Germany in a very emotional discussion round: The largest East German employer had invited its stakeholders to Hamburg exactly on the 30th anniversary of the legendary Monday demonstrations in Leipzig, who prepared the ground for the peaceful regime-change in Eastern Germany and the Reunification of the country.


STERN – Day of Journalism; Hamburg
Master of Ceremonies

How carefully do STERN journalists work? Is there enough time for accurate research? How do VIPs like actor Til Schweiger, comedian Atze Schröder or politican Jürgen Trittin relate to the media? The all-day exchange between the makers and readers at STERN was all about transparency, quality and credibility. Concentrated-dynamic hours for Jürgen Pfeiffer between fake news, professional ethics and podcasts – pictured with the Cologne crime scene pathologist Joe Bausch and STERN Vice President Giuseppe di Grazia.

Audi Stakeholder-Forum; Berlin
Master of Ceremonies

All-day dialogue format at the interface between politics, economy and society. Intensive exchange of ideas coupled with sensitive appreciation for the open word. And a lot of spontaneity in balancing emotions and suggestions.


f-cell 2018 – The BIG FINAL; Stuttgart
Political interviewer

A highly political talk on ‘do’s and don’ts in terms of the energy transition and necessary decisions in Brussels and Berlin was the highlight of the renowned hydrogen-industry meeting in Stuttgart. Political moderator Jürgen Pfeiffer directed the discussion with top representatives of the industry such as Jorgo Chatzimarkakis (CEO/Hydrogen Europe) and leading national politicians from Berlin such as Michael Theurer (State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, BMDV).

nauguration European Research Center, KDX-Group; Weyarn
Master of Ceremonies; German and English

The future of the automobile is light and electric: Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner, the Chinese Ambassador Shi Mingde and the Chairman of the Board of the Beijing Kangde Group, Zhong Yu, agreed on this. A day-long, highly exciting and interculturally challenging celebration at the heart of German-Chinese cooperation.


7th National Conference Freight Transport + Logistics, Munich
Political interviewer and political moderator

What does the digital future of the transport and logistics industry look like? Political moderator Jürgen Pfeiffer is not the only one to ask this question in the high-level talk at the industry meeting between the Bundestag transport politicians from the CDU and B’90/Grüne and the logistics and transport experts from the business community from Schenker Deutschland AG and Daimler AG. One result of the discussion was very clear: nothing works without intelligent networking.

Global development aid conference “Aid for Trade”; Hamburg
Master of Ceremonies; German and English

A two-day international conference at the interface of Fair Trade, Corporate Social Responsibility as well as national development aid and global trade policy. With extremely exciting project feedbacks and impact studies, in appreciative discourse at eye level between the interlocutors and a clear view on optimizing the means.

Launch of the DIHK series “IT Security @ SMEs”; Berlin
Political interviewer and moderator and political moderator

How secure are medium-sized businesses in the digital world? Where are open flanks of their own IT infrastructure? What can entrepreneurs do about it? Who can help them? This is what the kick-off event of the DIHK series “IT-Sicherheit@Mittelstand” was all about – together with high-ranking security experts from politics, companies and authorities.

Anniversary event “10 years NOW”; Berlin
Master of Ceremonies

10 years of successful pioneering work in the field of electromobility between battery and fuel cell. This is what the National Organization Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology can look back on. A good reason to look forward optimistically to the next 10 years of sustainable mobility. And also to celebrate a little together.

Results Conference NIP: Clean Mobility
Master of Ceremonies, Political Interviewer

Advancing Clean Mobility. Prepare the market. Support research. Promote appropriate projects. These are the core tasks of the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Program (NIP). An intensive interim review with top representatives from the Bundestag, industry and associations at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

What drives the Techniker-Krankenkasse?
Political interviewer

How does the “TK”- DNA look like? What strategies does the chairman of the board have? And what does he think of the so calles “citizen insurance”? A political interview with a lot of personal touch about ideal employees, new communication culture and changes in healthcare policy. With Dr. Jens Baas for the digital TK Annual Report.