Tw. In. Li. Xi. Yo.


The partner for opinion bulding at the highest level

You know how things are: Your really pressing issues are not only complex but also long-term. You need differentiation, dialogue and context. But the agenda of your stakeholders in politics and the media as well as in business and society ticks differently: simple messages – little time – lots of emotion. No question that important facts and arguments are often neglected and on-air-presence and headline is the only currency, that counts. But doesn´t it take a lot more to be shaping the public mind successfully?


Three discussion formats for sophisticated partners

Hand on heart: Don’t you sometimes wish you had a journalistic format at your side for your topics, one that understands the exchange of facts and positions, with a focus on fairness and a passion for discussing the matter at hand?
Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could engage in on-the-spot dialog with experts, politicians, citizens and representatives of the various target groups, and if differentiated positions could emerge from this in the end? But the absolute added value would surely be if this sophisticated exchange on the matter had a media echo and took place in a broader public, wouldn’t it?

The search is over: I can offer you exactly that with my three discussion formats ‘PFEIFFER FRAGT- DER POLIT.TALK’, the Brussels based CLEAN PLUS CLEAN including Podcast & the one-by-one-talk ‘Butter bei die Fische’. And the best thing is: You can become a partner of each of them!

Communicating topics

Since the start as an offline club-format 9 years ago in Hamburg, I have been getting up close and personal with people with my talks. To the delight of my high-ranking panelists from politics, business, science and the media on the podium. And to the benefit of the guests, who appreciate the opportunity of direct encounters for personal contacts and questions – whether in a historic ballroom, in the headquarters of a major steel company or in the plenary hall of the state parliament of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The selection of topics, guests, partners and locations remains always in my hand: up to the coordination of dates and travel planning, you can leave everything up to me and my team with peace of mind. As a partner, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Let us find out how and where we fit together.


Establishing communication – create values

The focus on the topic, exciting guests and suitable location are in place? Then you’re ready to go: Each partner can invite his or her stakeholders and target groups to be an integral part of the talk: With our professionally designed invitation – flanked by regional media partners with their advance reporting.
Of course, you are also visible with your logo on the on-stage decorations behind the guests – and thus also during the nationwide distribution of the talk via our digital platforms and networks. The media package also includes the best-of video of the talk with selected feedback: A valuable multimedia-content for your digital communication channels!

Reaching people – being authentic

A partnership offers a wide range of enormous opportunities: Showing the flag at the switches of politics, business, media and society. Discuss complex topics at a high level in a differentiated way. Entering into direct dialog with new target groups – leaving all campaign speeches and self-affirmation-reflexes behind and in their respective echo chambers. In short: Communicate issues. Form opinions. Reach out to people. And be authentic.